We all have been influenced by people throughout our lives. But a few of those influencers took it to another level. Perhaps you can remember a coach or a teacher that made a deep, positive impact on your life. That impact was so great that you could say it was uncommon. This type of impact; which we call uncommon influence is rare but extremely powerful, so much so that it results in life-change. And isn’t life change what we are after?

This blog is a place that highlights uncommon influence and a place that encourages leaders to be this rare kind of influencer. We will post lessons, stories and learnings born from the trenches of leading others. It is our desire for this to be a regular resource for leaders who wish to keep their influence powerful.

Contributors are:

Creator of site: Kevin Harrison, a Chick-fil-A Franchisee for 24 years

Contributor: Natalie Cheney, newly selected Chick-fil-A Franchisee

IMG_3566minuspicture1About Kevin:

I am a man humbled by God’s grace and am in awe of his creation
I am a husband honored to be married to such a wonderful woman
I am a father thrilled to be blessed by two incredible daughters and two incredible sons
I am a businessman inspired by teams of incredible people that I get to work with and do life with
I am a “wanna be” athlete who can’t decide his favorite sport but wants to keep at it for as long as possible
I am a student of leaders who challenge and encourage me every day
I am a benefactor of “uncommon influence” from family, coaches, peers and business partners at Chick-fil-A


DSC_2632About Natalie:

Hi!  My name is Natalie.  I have a passion for customer service and leadership development.  Currently, I serve the community at two multi-million dollar restaurants.  I find great satisfaction in results, efficiency and influence.

My highest calling is being a wife and mother.  I have a fantastically, fun husband, Dave, who is an accomplished marketing innovator.  I am the proud mother of 18 month-old, Reese and soon-to-be baby #2, David.

Previously, I was an All-American collegiate athlete.  Professional, I excelled to the top 3% of a competitive sales company.

My personal and business mission statement is:  Make a radical impact.  Be a catalyst of positive influence. Set the bar high…higher still.

It’s way too easy to be ordinary…be uncommon.


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