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Making The Catch

No Comments 27 May 2017

MAKING THE CATCH Guest Post by Eric Stephens   It was perhaps the greatest catch ever made.  In November of 2014, Odell Beckham Jr. of the New York Giants made a one-handed catch for a touchdown that is still being talked about as one of the most impressive feats in football history. Though the Giants […]

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4 Ways to Live Well

No Comments 01 February 2017

4 Ways to Live Well Most of us love to receive verbal affirmation. Hearing things like, “good job!” and “well done!” can invigorate and refresh us, especially after working hard and giving our all. But as satisfying as it to to hear those words in response to a short-term success—like getting a good grade on […]

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After The Storm

No Comments 02 April 2016

After the Storm Last week, my team and I embraced the suck and ran in the midst of a storm—and it was hard. Here are three things I learned during my 4 hour and 17 minute journey. Lesson One: Running against the wind stinks. Unfortunately, I had to run with stiff wind in my face […]

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Team or Self?

No Comments 10 November 2015

Team or Self? After five grueling hours of discussion focused on a single topic, the end of a team meeting approached. Both sides of the issue had been brought to the table, thoroughly examined, and debated. The stakes were high and a lot of time and money were at risk. Our team was exhausted. Finally, […]

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A Lesson From The Walk

No Comments 07 October 2015

A Lesson From “The Walk” On August 7, 1974 something ridiculously bold happened. French high-wire artist Philippe Petit walked between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on a wire—1,350 feet above the ground, without the aid of a cable or safety net. The sheer insanity of his stunt captured the attention of people […]

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Coaching Champions – Personality vs. Behavior

Comments Off on Coaching Champions – Personality vs. Behavior 25 September 2014

In the coaching world we are constantly dealing with different personality types and different behavioral styles. As Certified Behavior Analysts, Coach Tim and Coach Kristen know how to separate out the two when coaching clients. But most people don’t know the difference and often get confused when making real change in their lives. So today, […]

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#7/101 Secrets of Highly Productive People: They Fail

Comments Off on #7/101 Secrets of Highly Productive People: They Fail 28 January 2014

In the previous Secret of Highly Productive People, I focused on tracking progress, but what if there isn’t any progress to track? What if you find yourself going backward in your quest to reach a goal? What if the data tells you things aren’t going well? What happens if you fail? In the case of Highly […]

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Is Your Leadership Fizzy or Flat?

2 Comments 25 January 2013

The following is a guest post from one of my clients, Kevin Harrison. Kevin is a Owner/Operator of two Chick-fil-A restaurants in Virginia. Fizz. Soda just isn’t soda without it. When you grab your favorite ice-cold soft drink, twist the top and hear the hiss, you know you’re about to be refreshed by something that’s, […]

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