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After The Storm

No Comments 02 April 2016

After the Storm Last week, my team and I embraced the suck and ran in the midst of a storm—and it was hard. Here are three things I learned during my 4 hour and 17 minute journey. Lesson One: Running against the wind stinks. Unfortunately, I had to run with stiff wind in my face […]

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Embracing The Storm

3 Comments 18 March 2016

Embracing the Storm This Sunday, myself and around 40 members of our team and a few of our customers will be running either a full or half marathon. I’ve been eagerly looking forward to this race for weeks—but as I started paying more attention to the weather forecast for race day, that excitement began to […]

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What I’ve Learned While Waiting

1 Comment 27 March 2015

What I’ve Learned While Waiting This year has been full of surprises… And it’s only March! It’s also been a year of what I can only describe as “hurry up and wait” moments. Last July I signed up for my first full marathon and three days later, I found out I was expecting. What a […]

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3 Lessons I Learned Training for the Disney Dopey Challenge

2 Comments 06 January 2015

In less than a week I will run my 12th marathon.  This one is a little different than the rest of them though.  I was “pressured” into signing up for The Disney Dopey Challenge which involves running three additional races in the days leading up to the full marathon.  Marathons are hard enough.  They hurt.  […]

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Getting to a New Place: How to Break Through

No Comments 28 April 2014

Yesterday was my birthday. The only thing I wanted for my birthday was a run on my favorite trail. I got that present and it was a beautiful day for a 6 mile run. While I was running I thought back about one of the first runs I ever had on my now favorite place […]

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Doubt in Yourself Much?

2 Comments 14 March 2014

I have a race coming up. My training hasn’t gone as well as I had hoped, maybe because I blew some of it off. It just hasn’t been a great winter of running for me. In fact, during recent training runs, doubts started getting the best of me. A voice in my head said, “You’re not really […]

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Use This to be Ready for Something Big

3 Comments 14 November 2013

I’m running a marathon this weekend and I am in taper mode. Tapering occurs in the last couple of weeks before the race. During this time as a runner you are supposed to cut back on your training, get lots of rest and allow your body to heal from the rigors of training you have […]

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My Time to Shine

No Comments 28 October 2013

Do you have a group of friends or peers that you work out with? There is always one or two that make everything look so easy.  You know the one or two people who say, “I just did an hour on the elliptical, took a kick boxing class and I’m going for a quick ten mile […]

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