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Making the Most of the Stoplight

No Comments 12 December 2014

There are 10 stoplights between my home and where I work. On most days, they don’t pose much of a problem for my commute. Unfortunately, yesterday was not one of those days. After hitting the first two lights on red, I knew what was coming next. I hit every single red light–even speeding up between […]

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What Lights You Up?

No Comments 11 November 2014

Clues are important when you are trying to solve something.  Miss a clue and you may not solve your problem–and as busy as we all are, it is so easy to miss clues. That’s why we need to be very aware of clues that can lead to growth. They are all around us; every day and every […]

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The “Un-Happy” Meal

Comments Off on The “Un-Happy” Meal 03 May 2012

The Happy Meal has made McDonald’s a lot of money. It’s quick, inexpensive and there is a prize that comes with it…and every kid wants a prize. Sometimes in life we, as adults, go for the “Happy Meal” concept. We want the prize (quick success), with little to no investment. So at times we make […]

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