Uncommon Influence: The Key to a Lasting Ministry

uibookrenderUncommon Influence: The Key to A Lasting Ministry, July, 2014

Written by Kevin Harrison and Tim Enochs

Influence. It surrounds us.  Countless people give us a dose of their influence throughout our lives.  Occasionally that influence is different, unique, more powerful; so much so that it changes the trajectory of our lives.  It is uncommon.

Do you want to provide life-changing influence for others? Would you like to see the impact of your ministry deepen and extend?

Inside this book you will find practices of uncommon influence that will help you impact lives and ensure your ministry extends into future generations.

Read it and be uncommon!

About the Authors:

KEVIN HARRISON has been a Chick-fil-A Operator for 25 years after beginning his career there in high school.  He has a passion for influence, sports and fitness and spending time with his family.  Growing up as a pastor’s son and being in church all his life, he developed a burden for pastors and ministry leaders.  This, his first book, was born from that burden. Kevin lives with his wife, Jennifer and their four children in Poquoson, Virginia.

TIM ENOCHS has been an executive coach with Building Champions for 13 years. His passion centers on time with his family, and helping people discover their purpose, set clear and compelling goals, and achieving those goals in life and business. This is the fourth book Tim has written. His other books include: Every Day is Game Day, The CHILD Game Plan (with Bruce Tollner), and The Street Sweeper. A movie was made based on The Street Sweeper and Tim served as an Executive Producer of that movie. Tim lives with his wife, Laura, and their two children in Tennessee.

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