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Kevin Harrison takes selfie with daughter after marathon run.

Our Story

Over the course of time, you may be able to think of several individuals who have had a positive influence on your life. Of that list, however, there may be just one or two who had an impact so significant that it changed the trajectory of your life. This is what we call an uncommon influence and this is just what happened with our founder, Kevin Harrison.

What appeared at the time to be a simple, though creative, goal-setting assignment from his 9th grade teacher, actually turned out to have a profound impact when that same teacher mailed those handwritten goals to his students nearly ten years later. This powerful reminder created a ripple effect in Kevin’s life that led to many other blessings and opportunities both personally and professionally. One of Kevin’s written goals was to run a marathon, which stuck with him over the years and which he first accomplished at age 40. Kevin has since finished over 15 marathons and not only has he been able to share these accomplishments alongside his family, but he has had the opportunity to encourage running and wellness programs for several employees who have gone on to complete half and full marathons of their own, and he is now a Partner in a specialty running multi-location retailer as well as a running event management company.

The real story here is not about running. It is about the influence of one person and the life-change that happened as a result.  It is about investing in others in practical ways and creating space for individuals to grow and reach their potential. It is about uncommon leadership and Kevin’s 9th grade teacher, Mr. Flinchum, was an uncommon leader.

At Uncommon Influence, we don’t just want to influence your leadership and organization. We want to influence life-change, and we want to inspire you to do the same.

Let’s go be uncommon!

Meet Our Team

Our team is passionate about working with executives, leaders and their teams to help grow themselves and their organizations through uncommon influence.

Kevin Harrison, poses for photo.

Founder, Executive and Leadership Coach

Kevin Harrison

Kevin uses his experience, insight and lessons learned to coach others in growing capacity and achieving their next milestone.

Meet Kevin
Reese Cagel poses for photo

Executive and Leadership Coach

Reese Cagle

Reese works with executives and leaders to create a common language within organizations and move leaders to the next level.

Meet Reese
Headshot of Anthony Perdrix with white background.

Executive and Leadership Coach

Anthony Perdrix

Anthony works with leaders and teams to build strong and high-performance organizations.

Meet Anthony
Headshot of Kevin Elliott smiling.

Executive and Leadership Coach

Kevin Elliott

Kevin leverages his extensive experience and broad knowledge to help leaders and teams find solutions that lead to greater success.  

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Dianne Todd poses for photo

Content Development and Leadership Coach

Dianne Todd

Dianne enjoys bringing the vision to life and seeing individuals grow personally and professionally.

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