Reese Cagle

Executive Coach
Reese Cagel poses for photo

Reese’s favorite leadership quote

"Leaders don't create followers; they create more leaders." - Tom Peters

As a leadership coach with Uncommon Influence, Reese understands the importance of developing the skills necessary to lead your team to the next level. 

Reese started his leadership career with a famous steak house chain, where he learned the fundamentals of restaurant management. He would later become an owner/operator with a seafood franchise on the East Coast.

Reese often says some of his most important leadership lessons were gained from navigating the 2020 pandemic in his restaurant. Now Reese works with leadership teams across the United States, teaching and coaching a leader's skills to make an impact in their organization.

Key Achievements

Reese has coached hundreds of business owners and leaders nationwide and believes in the power of developing leaders at every level.

Former owner/operator with a seafood franchise
Former restaurant manager with a U.S. steakhouse chain
Maxwell Leadership Certified coach and speaker
Business Made Simple Coach
Serves on Advisory Board of Crosswalk Community Church
Certified DISC Consultant
Trained and licensed over a hundred agents in the financial industry
Completed the University of Notre Dame Executive Education program specializing in leadership

Reese's Coaching

Hear from Reese as he gives a quick encouragement to leaders who may be hesitant about taking their next step.

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