Anthony Perdrix

Executive Coach
Headshot of Anthony Perdrix with white background.

Anthony's favorite leadership quote

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." - John Quincy Adams

Through the last 25 years, Anthony has led large operations (up to 700 employees) in very competitive environments such as Automobile, Aerospace, and Industry businesses. 

He has worked for most of his career for the Toyota group in Europe and in the US, as Plant Manager and multi-sites Director. He has been through an intense Lean training in Japan from Toyota.

The combination of his strong lean background and his leadership skills has enabled him to build strong and high-performance organizations.

His expertise resides in leadership, operations management, strategy & finance planning, business plan execution and international business. 

Anthony has graduated with a Master of Engineering and has received a Toyota Production System training certification, multiple Franklin Covey leadership certifications and several business certifications acquired at Harvard University.

He is a dual citizen (French & American), a board member of United Way of Oconee County and an avid triathlete (Anthony has completed his first Ironman in 2022).

Key Achievements

Anthony has managed hundreds of employees, nationally and internationally, and brings unique experience that helps leaders level up their productivity.

Proficient Lean Trainer
Master of Engineering
Toyota Production System Training Certification
Board Member of the United Way of Oconee County
Franklin Covey Leadership Certifications
Completion of two Ironman Triathlons (2022, 2023)
Various Business Certifications from Harvard University

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