May 19, 2024

Expect The Best In Those You Lead!

Dear Uncommon Leaders, 

Keep up the great work and have an uncommon week ahead!

Your Sunday Nugget

This Week's Question:

Are you expecting the best from yourself and those you lead?

This Week's Challenge: 

I believe most people deep down want someone to expect the best from them. I remember my boss many years ago teaching me that I had more in me and that I could do better work. It was challenging and inspiring at the same time. He taught me that if I didn’t have a high standard, I would settle for average like most other people.

As leaders, not only should we expect the best from ourselves, but we also need to help others see that there is excellence within them if they will commit to it.

Your challenge this week is to inspire someone to raise the bar in their performance. Let them know you believe excellence is within them and that when they strive for it, not only will they achieve more at work, but they will feel better about themselves in the process.

This Week's Quote to Ponder:

“Average work might be good enough for some people, but it’s not good enough for us.” -Mark Cichorz

Until next week,


W. Kevin Harrison

Founder and Executive Coach

Uncommon Influence

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