May 5, 2024

Re-energizing Your Leaders

Dear Uncommon Leaders, 

We hope May is off to a great start for you. Re-charge this month!

Your Sunday Nugget

This Week's Question:

What do you do to help those you lead re-energize?

This Week's Challenge: 

Energy is vital. When we are leading at our best, we are energized. One thing I know about the restaurant business is that it can reduce our energy. It’s a very fast-paced, physical job that can also tax our mental state because of the numerous decisions we make during a shift. We go home tired!

Because of this, we must re-energize ourselves and others.  Some examples of the ways we can help re-charge ourselves and our team could be:

  • Visit another restaurant to learn
  • Take team members to dinner or coffee once in awhile
  • Visit the Support Center with a group
  • Send leaders to Ascend
  • Play together offsite
  • Have leadership planning retreat

Your challenge this week is to help someone re-energize and to do that, you’ll need to be energized as well. Have great week!

This Week's Quote to Ponder:

“Positive energy is the Leader’s rocket fuel.” - Unknown

Until next week,


W. Kevin Harrison

Founder and Executive Coach

Uncommon Influence

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