October 8, 2023

Tips for Re-engaging

Dear Uncommon Leaders, 

Following last week's Nugget, did you take some time to reflect and rate your own engagement (from 1 to 10) in your current role? If your engagement is not where you think it should be, I've got some tips below to help you re-engage.

Make this week uncommon and keep moving your organization forward! Have a great week ahead!

Your Sunday Nugget

This Week's Question:

If you have drifted in your engagement, who can help you re-engage?

This Week's Challenge: 

This week, commit to one of the following strategies to improve your engagement at work:

1. Share with someone. Share with someone you trust that you have drifted and are committed to re-engaging. Ask them to encourage you and to hold you accountable. It can be freeing just to admit that you have disengaged and are going to begin to change.

2. Change up your routine. Sometimes engagement drift can come from doing the same thing day after day. I call this “Groundhog Day Syndrome” which comes from the movie Groundhog Day (it’s a great flick; watch it if you haven’t). For example, if you always work out front, schedule some time in the back. If you always work one shift, try the other and so on. Work on calibrating your routine a bit and you might be surprised at the newness you experience.

3. Re-visit your vision. If you are the business owner, perhaps your vision needs renovation. If it doesn’t compel or excite you, start over! Set some time aside to think and dream about what direction you want to head and put pen to paper. If you’re not the business owner, explore the vision you have for your current role or your career future. Perhaps you need to do the same thing and get creative. A great vision is a picture of where we are going and it should be captivating.

4. Master something new. It’s hard to be dis-engaged when we are learning. If we aren’t actively learning a new skill, developing a talent or even a hobby, we can easily drift. What are you working to master right now?

This Week's Quote to Ponder:

"Engaged employees are psychological 'owners,' drive performance and innovation, and move the organization forward.”  - Gallup Report 2017

Until next week,


W. Kevin Harrison

Founder and Executive Coach

Uncommon Influence

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