May 7, 2023

What are you looking forward to?

Dear Uncommon Leaders, 

Are you looking forward to another great week? The season is in full swing! Keep pushing ahead!

Your Sunday Nugget

This Week's Question:

What is something you are looking forward to on your calendar?

This Week's Challenge: 

A truly high-capacity leader can quickly fill up their calendar with projects, commitments and to-do’s. I find that if I don’t have something in my calendar that I am looking forward to, I can lose some steam in my productivity. This week, look ahead in your calendar and make sure there is something scheduled you can look forward to. It might be a vacation, an event, a date night or just a day off. Make sure something is scheduled; otherwise it might never happen.

This Week's Quote to Ponder:

“Always have something scheduled you can look forward to."

Until next week,


W. Kevin Harrison

Founder and Executive Coach

Uncommon Influence

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