March 12, 2023

Your Inner Circle, Part 2

Uncommon Leaders,

Welcome back to Your Sunday Nugget! I thought we should camp out on last week's topic of positive peer pressure for another week. Did you take a little time to reflect on who is in your inner circle? Here are some additional thoughts for you, as well as a short video that I hope inspires you as much as it did me.

Your Sunday Nugget

This Week's Question:

Who pushes you to be your best and to reach your goals?

This Week's Challenge:

While it doesn’t always feel good, we all need someone who wants the best for us to push us. This week, share a goal you have with someone you trust and ask them to push you towards it by holding you accountable.

This Week's Quote to Ponder:

“Expand your inner circle to include those who can challenge your thinking and escalate you to unreached heights of success.” - Simon T. Bailey

Here is an example of someone who pushes me. Our very own coach, Anthony Perdrix, completed a grueling mountain 75K race last weekend. After he finished, he sent me this video. We all need someone like Anthony in our lives…..

Until next week,


W. Kevin Harrison

Founder and Executive Coach

Uncommon Influence

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